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Govt fixes Tk 6.83 lakh for Hajj package

February 1, 2023 7:15 pm
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Bangladesh pilgrims will have to spend Taka 6.83 lakh to perform the holy hajj under the government management this year.

The decision was taken today at a meeting of the executive committee on Hajj management with State Minister for Religious Affairs Md Faridul Haque Khan in the chair, said a press release.

“On the occasion of the Holy Hajj-2023, the executive committee on fixing Hajj package reviewed the expenditures in various sectors included in the Hajj package and took the decision. According to the decision, the price of Hajj package under government management has been fixed at Taka 683,028,” the release quoted the minister as telling reporters after the meeting.

The government package has been fixed according to the price of C-category ‘Mina Tent’, he said.

Faridul, however, said that the private hajj agencies will fix their packages keeping similarity with the government packages. Other facilities except tent location should be ensured as like as the government management package, he added.

Noting that based on moon sighting, the Hajj would be performed in Saudi Arabia on June 27 this year, the minister said, adding the government signed a bilateral agreement with Saudi Arabia over hajj on January 9.

According to the agreement, 127,198 Bangladeshis can perform Hajj this year, he said, adding that among them 15,000 people will be able to go to Hajj under government management while 1,12,198 can go under private management.

Faridul also said that according to the ‘Route to Mecca Initiative’ deal, all hajj pilgrims will complete their pre-arrival immigration in Dhaka.

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