Govt’s no to Khaleda’s treatment abroad

Hafizur Rahman ## The government has turned down the plea of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia’s family to take her abroad for treatment.


“There is no scope for Khaleda Zia’s treatment abroad,” said Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan while talking to journalists at his Secretariat office on Sunday.
Khaleda Zia’s sentence has been commuted as per Section 401, he said, adding that there is no scope for giving the opportunity for the second time.

“So, we can’t grant their plea.There is no judicial provision to let a convicted person to go abroad for treatment,” said the minister .

Earlier in the day, the Law Ministry sent its opinion to the Home Ministry on the appeal filed by Khaleda Zia’s family.
Amid the coronavirus outbreak, the government freed Khaleda Zia from jail for six months through an executive order suspending her sentences on March 25 last year.

Khaleda Zia tested positive for Covid-19 on April 11 as eight people at her residence were infected with the virus. She underwent the second Covid-19 test on April 24 and her report was positive.

The BNP chief’s medical board member Dr AZM Zahid Hossain early Sunday told media that Khaleda Zia finally tested negative for COVID-19 27 days after she had been infected with the deadly virus.